Product Care

Learn to care for your new winter geer.

Spot clean only, air dry.

NEVER use a dryer or washing machine.

Store in a cool, dry, breathable location.

Spot treatment can involve a very small amount of dish soap and warm water on a cloth or simply warm water and wipe with a cotton cloth.

No leather treatments are needed - the leather is meant to be worn and protect you against the elements - natural fading and wear of the leather is normal over time but does not impact the durability or integrity of the product.

Products are meant to air dry or be placed over a mitten dryer - NEVER put in a dryer or washing machine.

Small amounts of hair may come off as well - this is also normal.

Products should be stored in a breathable location (ie: wooden chest, cardboard box, etc.) but not in plastic.  

It is always advisable to store your products away from pets and other animals

Stay Warm!

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