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  • Disability Custom Mittens by STEVE CARNER

    "Thank you Wayeshkad! My first order that I made with you was so wonderfully made. I needed oversized mittens and the warmest I could find because of a disability I have in my hands. Sure enough, you took my custom order. My mittens came to me before winter hit in Alaska and I once again can get outside in the winter and don’t have to worry about frostbite hands. Thank you for the warmest gloves ever!"

  • Gauntlet Mittens with Sheared & Plucked Beaver Liners by MARK POSEY

    "My wife and I recently purchased several items from Wayeshkad. The quality of the products is fantastic! The beaver fur is pristine and the sheared and plucked beaver liners are so warm! Great products and exceptional customer service. They treated us like family."

  • Exceptional Customer Service by ROBYN LEA

    "I purchased Beaver mittens and I loved them so much that I also bought a muff. These items are very high-quality, hand, crafted, extremely warm, and beautiful. The customer service is really beyond measure. These folks are so genuine and so friendly… that we ended up having them over for an afternoon when they were in Mississippi. I will be ordering more products soon. I already have my eye on a new hat!"

  • Featured Blog Post by @OrganicRoadMao

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